Greyborg Cromotor Hubzilla



- Continuous power : 6000W
- Weight : 10.5kg
- Stator manufactured from aluminium,
- Additional silicon steel and copper compare to initial version, providing better heat dissipation, higher efficiency on low speeds and higher speed and a better cooling
at higher speeds.

- 18 x 12G spoke holes

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Manufacturer's recommendations :
Controller to be set up to max 80A with 72V, or higher voltage with lower Amp.

Manufacturer's additional info :
120 kg driver should be able to go up to 75 kmh max speed, for maximum 60 minutes, in the hotest summer going uphill
At 72 V and 50 A motor will last forever, and max speed will be just under 70 kmh. (both models)
This motor has been designed to be reliable for many years commuting at higher speeds that average electric bicycle, and with lot of torque for uphill, any users using it for breaking speed records, should do so at their own risk.

Warranty :
All motors have been carefully tested by the manufacturer, and in the unlikely event one of the motor would turn out to be faulty, Jozztek Ltd will arrange for the motor to be replaced by the manufacturer.
Please note, it is the user's responsibility to ensure this motor is used properly, with the right settings, the correct controller and adequate battery packs. Motors will not be replaced or serviced if neglected or abused.
To make sure this motor suits your needs, or for any advice on your EV build, please contact Steve, our Technical Director, first.

Info on the previous version :

Not intended for highway use.