Jozztek was founded in April 2011 by Steve Labib (Technical Director) & Leslie (Finance & IT Director) after years of extensive research and experience on Electric Vehicles.

Steve ("Jozzer" on Endless Sphere), built his first electric bike in 2006, his first electric motorbike in 2008, electric race bikes in 2009 and then his first electric car in 2011.

His previous work can be seen on the first website developed to share his work, : Conversions of conventional motorcycles to electric power.

Paul Blezard riding the  ThunderSprint

As well as on the Endless Sphere Forum : Conversion of a conventional car to electric power (Electric Miata/MX5 Thread).

Picture of the Electric Miata MX5

We are passionate about technology and building things, but our primary motivation for getting into electric vehicles is our concern about the damages caused by the extraction and consumption of petrol, both on the environment and the society.

We believe building efficient electric vehicles can contribute towards developing a better world, which is what inspired us to work in this field.