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C_PhaseRunner ebike controller

C_PhaseRunner ebike controller

Grin Phase Runner, Compact Field-Oriented Waterproof Motor Controller. 100V Max and 80A Peak Phase Currents (~40A Continuous).  Read This Thread First.

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The Grin Phase Runner, ultra compact field-oriented motor controller, yet still capable of 100V max with 80A peak phase currents. Pilot prototype run with a 5-10 day lead time, with custom colour options too, max of one per order. Requires PC setup to mate and configure with a given motor, it will not be plug-and-play, and this requires the USB->TTL communications cable if you don't already have that. Read This Thread First.


Manufacturer Grin
Country of Manufacture Canada
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 99 x 40 x 34
Actual Weight (kg) 0.26
Max Battery Amps (A) 50
Battery Range (V) 30-100
Low Voltage Cutoff (V) Programmable
MOSFETs 6X 100V, 3mOhm