Sales to customers not part of the European Union


Default webshop prices :

The prices advertised on our webshop include the 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) we need to collect, on behalf of the Tax Office, for any goods and services we provide to any customers within the European Union.


Tax free sale :

VAT is paid by customers on most purchases they make. However, if your order is delivered outside the European Union, we would not be charged to collect this tax and your national Tax Office will collect it directly form you instead, when the goods are checked by your country's Customs, at the airport.

To give you an idea of the VAT rate applied in your country, you can consult Wikipedia : VAT Rates (but check with your Tax office if you want to be sure).

Some countries, like the USA, will charge Sales Tax instead of VAT, which differ in the way they are worked out. Here are some info about US Sales Tax.


Webshop prices for non Europeans :

Once you create an account on our webshop and provide a delivery address outside the EU, our prices will be automatically adjusted to show the tax free prices.


Import Duties :

As well as Value Added Tax on your purchase, you may be charged with Import Duties, which is a tax specific to imports. It will be worked out according to the category of product imported and according to which country the goods were manufactured in. Few items are charged with duties however, and in most countries, duties, if any, will be around 3% of the value of the product purchased.


VAT and Duties paid on your behalf by couriers :

In order not to delay the delivery, couriers, like Fedex Express, will pay for any VAT and Duties due on your behalf, and then send you an invoice after delivery, to ask you for repayment.


Total cost of your purchase :

Since tax on purchases (VAT) can greatly vary from one country to another, as well as Duties, which result from trading agreement between countries, it is not possible to tell you how much tax you will be charged with.

As a guide you can also consult : the info provided seems accurate but we cannot guarantee it.

For the USA import, the United States International Trade Commission will tell you about the Duty rate. You will need the 6 first digits of the commodity code (for instance "850132" for any Agni Motor) and the country the commodity was manufactured in (which would be "India" for any Agni Motors). Contact us by email if you would like us to give you the corresponding info for any other product we sell.